Classes and Courses

PAC Driving School knows that each pupil has individual needs, therefore we offer a range of driving lessons and courses to suit all abilities.


Driving Lessons

PAC Driving School provides a range of manual driving lessons that are each carefully designed to help you achieve your driving licence in a time frame that suits you and your abilities. Passing your driving test in a manual car comes with the added benefit of you being able to drive a manual or automatic car once you have passed your test. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.

Driving Assessment

If you have driven before but are unsure of your current level and would like our professional opinion on how many hours it will take for you to pass your driving test, this is the course for you. Our 1 hour, 30 minute assessment is a popular choice. Get in contact to learn more.  


Intensive Driving Courses

Our Intensive driving courses enable our pupils to pass their driving test in weeks rather than months whilst ensuring they are fully confident in their abilities on the road. If you need a driving licence quickly this is the best course for you. Please contact us for further details.